Jio Orbic 5G Phone Booking Online, Price, Launch Date | Magic, Myra, Maui 4G

Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Booking Online, Price in India, Launch date and Specifications. Reliance has recently Launched 3 new mobile: Jio Orbic Myra 5G, Jio Orbic Magic 5G and Jio Orbic Maui 4G. You will get all about Jio Orbic 5G Mobile and it’s Booking Process.

All about Jio Orbic 5G Phone

The partnership of Reliance Jio and Google was a very exciting and strategic step to concur the Smartphone market in India. Everyone knows how huge is the mobile market in India and a lot of companies have already made fortune out of this. Now it is the time when an Indian brand of mobile phones will be luring millions of buyers. Let’s check out Jio Orbic 5G Phone and other exciting news.

It was very much expected to everyone that Reliance Jio was going to announce something huge after their partnership with Google. And they have stood up to the speculation of everyone with their announcement of the launching of Jio Orbic Magic 5G Phone on FCC Certification.

Jio Orbic 5G Phone

All the speculation has come true as Reliance Jio has confirmed the launch of three new smart phones. Two are 5G supported and one is 4G phone.

All these three handsets are listed on the US FCC website. This means the phone will use advanced Google technology which needs clearance from the US Government.

Here I will share you with all about Jio Orbic 5G Mobiles. You will get to know about its specifications, prices, expected launch date and other details.

Jio’s New 5G Phone Details Leaked

In today’s time, it is a daunting task to hide any big news. That is why a lot of crucial secrets about Jio’s New 5G Phone Details Leaked before its launch. It has happened earlier too. It may be a strategic step to increase the curiosity among the people or something else.

That is why we are sharing you with all kinds of crucial information’s here like the Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Price, Jio Orbic Magic 5G Launch Date in India, Specifications and others.

What are the Jio Orbic 5G Other Variants

As per the information, Jio is going to launch three new models. Two of them will be 5GF network supported and one is 4G enabled. Below are the details of the Jio 5G Handset Model Number: –

Jio Orbic 5G Phone Variants
  1. Jio Orbic Myra 5G
  2. Jio Orbic Magic 5G
  3. Jio Orbic Maui 4G

The first two models are 5G enabled and the last Orbic Maui, this name may sound different but is spelled like this only. It is the 4G model of Jio.

All these phones have been listed for trademark and FCC Certified. It is also expected that even the 5G handsets will come at a mid-range price.

Jio Orbic Maui 4G (RC545L)

Jio Orbic 5G Phone Price in India

Now comes the most interesting question. What will be the Jio Orbic Magic 5G Mobile Price in India?

Like always, this time also the main attraction will be the price tag of the Jio Handsets. Reliance Jio has always used the same way to lure the users.

As per the leaked news, the 4G Handset will be available in the market with a price of around Rs 4,000 only. It is very low if you compare the features that it is offering with the price of the smartphones available in the market.

Thus, these will surely attract a lot of customers who are still waiting for basic features and a pocket-friendly price.

Both the 5G handsets will also be available at mid-range prices. The 5G handsets are equipped with advanced features but still they will be available in the market with a price tag of Rs 10, 000 to Rs 15,000.

This is a great offer if you compare the features that these handsets are offering. This will surely lure a lot of buyers.

What will be the Specifications of Jio Orbic 5G Phone?

If you have used the past phones launched by Reliance Jio then you are very much aware that Jio is good with offers but not with the specs of the handset. We all have experienced the bad features of the past few launches.

However, this time they are planning to change the perspective of the customers. With these three new launches, Jio is expecting that all the complaints about the specifications of the Jio phones will be over.

Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Booking

Please find below the specifications of all three handsets.

Jio Orbic Myra 5G and Orbic Magic 5G

As told earlier this is one of the 5G handsets that Reliance Jio is offering. The prices are going to be mid-range.
Please find the specifications as below:

  • Screen Size: – Unlike previous models, this time the screen size is going to be bigger. As per speculations, the 5G phones will come with a screens size of 5.5” to 5”. In the market, you will find several handsets with larger screen sizes and available at a cheaper price. Thus, Reliance is not going to compromise with the basic specification of the models.
  • Camera: – The details about the camera are not yet available for the 5G handsets. As soon we get any kind of information, we will update accordingly.
  • Battery: – Every handset manufacturer knows that people using smart phones are not going to use it for just making calls and messages. Games, watching movies, social media and work are the common battery drainers nowadays. Thus, Jio is providing 4500 mAh battery to accommodate longer operation of the phone.
  • Storage: – The 5G handsets are expected to have 8GB RAM and 64 to 128 GB internal storage. That is a very nice feature to include as this one is also very commonly found among the smart phones available in the market.

Jio Orbic Maui 4G Handset

The 4G model will come with basic features, but it will come at a very pocket-friendly cost. Check the specifications of the handset as below:

  • Screen Size: – Orbic Maui will come with a screen size of 5”. Yes, it is relatively small in comparison to the other handsets available in the market. But with the expected low price of this model, this will be a very convenient grab for all the people who are still to get a Smartphone due to the price issue.
  • Camera: – The camera is again not up to the mark as per the market standards. The 5H handsets will have 12 Megapixel front cameras and 8 Megapixel Back Camera. It will also not have a dual camera in the back which is very common nowadays.
  • Battery: – This handset will have a battery of 2800 mAh.
  • Storage: – It will be loaded with 4GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage which is sufficient for basic usages.

Jio Orbic 5G Phone’s Specifications may not sound that interesting. So hold on, the best part is yet to come.

As per the leaked information, all these new handsets will have stock Android. Thus, you can experience pure Android performance. Due to the partnership with Google, Jio has ensured that the user gets the best Android operating system.

These handsets will have Android 10 OS. Thus, you can experience a smoother ride this time with the new Jio Handsets.

Along with this, these handsets are FCC US listed. Thus, it is also environment friendly as will emit lesser radiation (permitted level) and thus less harmful for health and the environment.

In the earlier launches of Jio handsets, the performance was a huge issue as firstly then had very basic features and used to get hanged frequently. Thus, with the best operating system, we all are hoping that this time the same issue will not arise.

What is FCC Certification?

FCC means Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC Label or Mark is a certification given to electronic items by the US government which certifies that the electromagnetic interference emitted from the device is under the limit approved by FCC.

The FCC label recognised worldwide, even if the brand name is not known.

Thus, with the FCC logo in the new Jio Handsets, you can be rest assured that it has gone through all kind of rigorous testing and thus safe to use.

Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Launch Date in India

We all know that very soon the 5G network is going to come to India. Thus, launching 5G handsets in the market was a great plan from Jio. As per past experiences, it is expected that these handsets will get a public announcement in some special day.

As per speculations there are three dates when you can hear about a conference from Jio management about announcing something new and big.

Diwali, Christmas and New Year of 2020 are the highly expected date of launch of these handsets. Whatever the date may be, but it is certain that, these handsets will be launched in this year only.

So, at last something exciting is expected to come in 2020 as everyone in the world is pretty frustrated with the Pandemic situation.

The Pandemic situation has increased the demand of the smart phones a lot. Due to work from home, e-School and other reasons, millions of smart phones got sold during this period. And it is expected that the demand will increase more.

Thus it is great news for all the prospective buyers as with this Jio’s New 5G Phone Details Leaked news, people can plan accordingly to whether buy the handset now or wait for a while.

Over this, the tension between India and China in the borders has also made a lot of news. People are not boycotting Chinese products, whereas the No 1 Smartphone brand in India is Mi which is a Chinese brand.

Thus, people will be excited with the launch of an Indian brand of smart phones which will come with exciting features and offers.

Jio 5G Mobile Offer

As you know, every time Jio launches a handset model in the market, it gives a lot of benefits to the buyers. It is not going to be different this time also with the Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Other Variants.

You can expect a lot better and lucrative offer with these handsets this time. As per speculation, these handsets will be available with 1 year of free data and connection. More lucrative offer will be given to the Post-paid users.

Jio Orbic 5G Phone Online Booking

Here are the step by step process, how you can book or buy online the new Jio Orbic 5G Mobile:

The booking procedure for these new handsets will also be the same like the previous models. You can book it by both Online and Offline.

However, due to the pandemic situation. It is highly expected that Jio will put more effort into promoting the Online booking system to avoid public gathering near Jio Stores. Everyone knows what happened when the Jio connection was launched and also when the 1st Jio Handset offer was introduced.

  • To book the new Jio 5G Handsets, you need to download the Jio Live Application and from there you will get the option to book the handset.
  • You will also be able to book the handset for others. But you have to submit your Adhar Card number for the successful registration.
  • As the government has passed the rule making Adhar Card not mandatory to take connection and Handset, other Government documents may also be applicable for booking the same.
  • But there is still a lot of time for the beginning of the online booking process of Jio Phones. It is expected to begin by the end of this year.
  • The pandemic situation has effected every kind of industry. So, even if the offline registration process is introduced, it is suggested to try the online process only and take precautionary measures for doing offline bookings.

Reliance Jio 5G Connectivity

It is not old news that Reliance Jio is one of the top contenders to bring 5G network in India. Thus, the administration is taking strategic steps to capture the Indian Smartphone market. Reliance Jio has very quickly become the top telecom operator in India outwitting giants like Vodafone and Idea.

Now Airtel is the only competitor of Reliance Jio and this step of launching Jio Orbic 5G Mobile Phone is a great boost for them.

It has been heard that a local manufacturer in India has already taken contact to manufacture over 200 million smartphones for Reliance. After capturing the market with a lucrative offer of 4G Connectivity, now Reliance is eyeing on the 5G business. With the promotion of Made In India products, it is also a great time to capture the market.

Jio Orbic 5G Phone